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Gifts Travelers Love To Receive-A Few of My Favourite Things

Gifts Travelers Love To Receive

Still Wondering What To Give?

Know somebody who’s planning or wishing to travel next year? I’ve put together a list of gifts travelers love to receive that I personally recommend.

They go a long way to making every aspect of a trip easier, infuse well-being, and ramp up excitement. Great list for any occasion, all year long.


Wallet and Passport Holder that block the theft of your credit card, identity card and passport data.

Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite Things

Most newer cards and ID are now embedded with tiny passive radio transmitters created to prevent theft and speed up transactions. But, those dormant transmitters c
an be easily activated by nearby Radio Frequency Identification Readers (RFID).
Nothing to stop unscrupulous thieves from receiving your private information via a
strong radio current up to 10 feet away, and through a hand-held reader passed close to your back pocket or purse. The best protection is a RFID-blocking wallet and passport cover. The protection comes from a metal fiber mesh that makes a “cage” around the chip that radio waves cannot penetrate.


Travel Tools

USB Battery packThese batteries are about the size of phone and let you charge anything that has a USB such as tablets, smartphones, cameras, some laptops. Size matters as does the type of traveler. Someone who uses their phone/tablet a lot will appreciate a high capacity battery. While a traveler who wears close-fitting clothing or suits might prefer a slim model that doesn’t stick out.

Business Card Holder – Funky or sophisticated, colourful or sleek, there’s no shortage of choices out there.

Luggage Scale – Have you ever stood at the check in counter and had to decide between coughing up a $50-100 over-weight charge or emptying some of your suitcase content right there in front of a line up of impatient travelers? ‘Nuff said.
Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite Things

Packing Cubes – These squares of nylon bags make packing and unpacking so much easier.  You pack shirts in one,undies in another, sweaters, scarfs, etc. The cubes help keeps things compressed so you can fit more. No more dumping everything on the bed to find one thing.

Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite ThingsEn Route

A large colorful scarf or pasha wrap – to keep off the chill of the ventilation systems while guaranteeing a great look. If you’re handy with a needle, you can sew in a small fine mesh pack of stress-reducing herbs or essential oils.

Travel/Compression Socks  On long journeys for travelers who are prone to poor circulation, compression socks will make the trip a healthier, more enjoyable experience. I always end up having a hard time getting my feet back in my shoes at the end of overseas flights so out of desperation I once bought a pair of compression socks at the airport. Wouldn’t fly without either compression socks or stockings now. Also keeps feet, legs and back fatigue-free if those spending the day on the tradeshow floor or have a full day of walking planned.

Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite Things

Handy Dandy Notebook or Explorer Journal – What was the name of that store we saw back there? What was that book the guide mentioned? What did that little street look like again? Travel floods us with so much stimulation, at some point the memory overloads. A notebook always saves the day (and makes for better stories when they return).

Fun On The Trip

Artist Paint Box for Traveling– Got a Renoir or Henry O. Tanner in your close circle? When the muse hits them, they just open this well-furnished kit, put on the beret 😉 , and channel the inspiration.

Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite Things

credit: Etsy

Paris Noir Tote Bag –  Like many ecology-conscious citizens, bringing your own tote bag is the planet-friendly way to go. Carry home your supplies, fresh market finds, flea market treasures. The eggshell coloured tote is an eye-catching image of Josephine Baker and her troupe at a Paris train station. You’re in good travel company.


Picnic Backpack – Someone on your list taking a romantic trip? All they’ll need to upgrade their picnic under the Eiffel Tower, at a local park or a romantic spot they’ve picked out is this. Inside this compact carrier with cleverly designed pockets, everything for 2 – plates, utensils, cups, napkins, wine key, insulation pocket. – except the tablecloth.

Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite Things


Travel Candles – Turn an impersonal hotel room into a homey, sweet-smelling refuge.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificate for a Flytographer or Personal Photographer – Selfie shots are fun, agreed, and you can always ask a passerby to take your photo. But imagine how breathtaking you and your travel partners or family will look when shot strolling down a street in Paris, zipping past the Trevi Fountain on your scooter, beautifully framed having afternoon tea in London… Hire a pro who will recommend the best, most photogenic spots for a minimum 30 minute (starts at $250 ) session in over 200 cities around the world. These travel memories will be worthy of framing.

Walking The Spirit Tours gift certificate – Why not get someone a step closer to their bucket list trip! Half the thrill of traveling happens in the planning stage. We will work closely with travelers on their customized itinerary to any of our heritage destinations or on the themed itinerary of their choice. : Paris, France, UK, Morocco, Canada (Montreal, Toronto, Nova Scotia), Washington DC. Themed itineraries : Josephine Baker, Jazz, International Slave Trade, World War I and II.

To sweeten the deal, for every $500 certificate you gift, we will add $100 applicable to travel during the 2017/18 season.

To make arrangements for this gift, simply contact us by return email me.

Travel – At Home

-Throw Pillow with Customizable World MapGifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite Things

-Framed photos or prints of favorite places

-Wall Map with DIY markers

-Eiffel Tower cookie cutter with recipes

-Paris Noir poster  – 11″x17″. (Order directly by emailing us).


African Americans in Paris DVDs

Gifts for Travelers-A Few of My Favourite ThingsThe gift of education is priceless. We’re offering a special holiday price of $10 off each African Americans In Paris single DVD, 2-part DVD set or Paris Noir documentary (for home use only). Valid until December 20th. Delivery via USPS by December 19th if ordered by December 12th. The discount will be manually refunded within 8 hours after payment.

Order at African Americans in Paris website.




Happy & Inspired Gift Giving!









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